Import & Export

Location of providers and assistance in export to China.

Interpretation in business trips, meetings, events, videoconferences ...

Trade fairs and presentation of your products in China.

Prospecting and business trips to China

Trade fairs in China.

Prospecting trips and presentation of your company to your customers and suppliers.

Assistance a representative office.

Prospecting and business trips

Trade fairs in China

Sectorial fairs are an unbeatable showcase for companies and organizations of all kinds. Annually held in China a lot of these fairs, which demonstrate the vigor of its economy in the most diverse business sectors and offer an excellent opportunity for companies to publicize their products and services in the Chinese market.

Presentation in China

The attendance to fairs, the participation in commercial missions or the distribution of your advertising in the Chinese market are actions aimed at getting your products or services in China. These actions can culminate with a presentation in China of your company that strengthens links with local consumers.

Prospecting and business trips

Investing in China is a risky decision that must be taken prudently. Sometimes having abundant technical information is not enough to break the resistance to invest in the Chinese market. Human contact and trust in Chinese collaborators is revealed as a determining factor when making such an important decisión.

Inport and export

Providers in China

Most of the products that can be found on the market today have the label made in China. Small and medium-sized companies know that China is the global factory and that they will surely find the products they need for their business at a very good price. However, locating these products with the required quality and reliable suppliers is more difficult and requires time and investment.

Export to China

Currently the Chinese market offers great opportunities to western companies. The Administration supports business initiatives by facilitating mechanisms to bring them closer to China. Such are, for example, the commercial missions that are annually destined for the Asian country.